A step-by-step guide to preparing your firm for Machine Learning

“War is ninety percent information.” said Napoleon Bonaparte in the nineteenth century. This is just as true as ever in the information age that we currently live in. The most successful companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, have their revenue model based on information. And they get this information by analysing data. But not only… Read More

An introduction to Machine Learning with Clocktimizer – free e-book

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Nearly everyone who keeps up to date with technological developments has heard of the term ‘Machine Learning’. It’s a nice buzzword that is being used more and more in recent years. But what does Machine Learning actually entail? What is the technology that lies behind it? To coincide with the launch of Clocktimizer’s machine learning engine,… Read More

Get your free coding recipe book here – Our Legal Geek round up

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On the 17th October Clocktimizer attended our second Legal Geek conference. This year we were excited to offer our first introductory coding class. We also brought along our own photo booth and pitched at the after party. Needless to say it was a busy a day. For those that couldn’t make it over to Legal… Read More

Dear UK lawyers – We’ve put J-Codes in a handy Excel spreadsheet

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We know assigning codes is a repetitive task. It’s also a pain trying to copy and paste them from a PDF document. Which is unfortunate if you’re a lawyer in the UK, because they are only published as a PDF. Well, after listening to the woes of our clients, we’ve written them out for you… Read More

GDPR for small businesses: Simplified

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The date most companies have been dreading is looming. As of the 25th May, the General Data Protection Regulations (or GDPR) come into force. But why all the panic? In light of recent Facebook scandals, it’s nice to think companies must manage your data properly. Better still, the individual rights created by the GDPR mean… Read More

Startups: Is your law firm ready for them?

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the seminar for French and German corporate law, in Aix-en-provence. The subjects of the conference were centered about legal developments, Brexit and how working with startup clients is changing the legal landscape. This seminar had been organised for the 22nd time and as such is one… Read More

The world’s 5 most frivolous lawsuits

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We all know the most famous frivolous lawsuit story. Stella Liebeck sued McDonald’s back in 1992 when she spilled hot coffee on herself. “But coffee is meant to be hot” we all cry. Dig a little deeper into the case however and it starts to look less frivolous. The coffee caused 3rd degree burns for a… Read More

Our list of the best (and worst) legal tech blogs on offer

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We recently enjoyed a great Twitter conversation with Stephen Allen of Hogan Lovells and Alex Smith of Reed Smith about legal tech. Law firms are fed up with fluffy terms. They want solutions. It’s no good promising to integrate Blockchain or AI if it doesn’t manifestly benefit your customers. The same goes for blogs. Legal… Read More

Our pick of the biggest successes (and failures) for legal tech in 2017

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Its been a big year for legal tech. Over the last 12 months a plethora of new solutions have hit the market. We have seen contract analysis tools like Ravn and Kira thrive. Firms have been increasingly successful at storing and analysing their data. A host of new process automation tools have arrived. For those… Read More

Clocktimizer supports practical legal education for students

Legal education is currently experiencing a shift. Slowly but surely, institutions around the world are including practical education as part of their law courses. This means students are learning about due diligence software. Students are learning about how to manage a legal budget. Students are learning the skills they need to be able to manage… Read More