Keep your clients up to date with our new email feature

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Let’s not spend too much time stating the obvious. Clients want to know how their matters are progressing. Regular updates and communication are part and parcel of working life. It’s why when we get someone in to renovate our house, we don’t just go on holiday and keep our fingers crossed. However, not all firms… Read More

A step-by-step guide to preparing your firm for Machine Learning

“War is ninety percent information.” said Napoleon Bonaparte in the nineteenth century. This is just as true as ever in the information age that we currently live in. The most successful companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, have their revenue model based on information. And they get this information by analysing data. But not only… Read More

Scaling up LPM: The current state of Legal Project Management

Legal Project Management (or LPM) is becoming essential for law firms. For good reason. Firms often run countless numbers of complex matters at once. Keeping track of all this; the wins, the losses, whether something is over or under budget; is impossible without good project management. However, LPM’s are often held back by an inability… Read More

We’ve made Clocktimizer roll-outs even easier

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Introducing a new piece of technology can be a headache. How much of your resources will it require? How much time will you have to invest? Will it work immediately? At Clocktimizer, we know that our customers are very busy people. After all, that’s why they need tools like ours! So we’ve worked hard over… Read More

Mid-sized firm? Get ahead with Clocktimizer

The world of legal services is getting competitive. The Big Five are moving in. Large firms can rely on their global presence bringing in high value work. Small firms can scale down costs and push for a very specific target audience. But what does this mean for the mid-sized firm? Squeezed at both ends of… Read More

Working in pricing? According to these experts, you need data

Recent weeks have seen a spate of talks on pricing. Proskauer and LawVision hosted a round table to discuss strategies and pricing advice. ILTA also hosted a webinar looking at how the legal industry is using historical data to inform pricing choices. Clearly, pricing is one of the hot topics in legal practice right now…. Read More

Our Twitter #LawProfitChat wrap-up

Last week Clocktimizer and LawVision hosted our first joint Twitter chat. This time, we focused on the question keeping Managing Partners up at night. How can you increase your firm’s profitability? It is part of a series of joint content we’ll be producing together over the coming year. So keep an eye on our social… Read More

Our newest features make tracking budgets a breeze

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At Clocktimizer, our platform is always a work in progress. By that, we mean that we’re working every week to listen to what our customers want. We then use this feedback to make improvements. Recently, we’ve been focusing on improving our budget feature. We’ve added a number of new features to make tracking budgets as… Read More

2019 is going to be a busy year for Clocktimizer

Its official. The fog of hangovers have lifted and we are all officially in 2019. We’ve had a busy 2018 at Clocktimizer, launching our first Machine Learning engine. We attended a whole host of events and even taught coding classes at Legal Geek. We welcomed many amazing new clients on board, including Neal Gerber, Pepper… Read More

Clocktimizer features: Grouping different timekeepers for better reporting

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At Clocktimizer we regularly post ‘features blogs’ to help clients get the most out of our platform. This week, we’re looking at the ways Clocktimizer can group different timekeepers. Why is this important? Well, most firms have a lot of different job titles. Forget being a plain old associate. Are you a first year, second… Read More