Our Twitter #LawProfitChat wrap-up

Last week Clocktimizer and LawVision hosted our first joint Twitter chat. This time, we focused on the question keeping Managing Partners up at night. How can you increase your firm’s profitability? It is part of a series of joint content we’ll be producing together over the coming year. So keep an eye on our social… Read More

Our newest features make tracking budgets a breeze

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At Clocktimizer, our platform is always a work in progress. By that, we mean that we’re working every week to listen to what our customers want. We then use this feedback to make improvements. Recently, we’ve been focusing on improving our budget feature. We’ve added a number of new features to make tracking budgets as… Read More

2019 is going to be a busy year for Clocktimizer

Its official. The fog of hangovers have lifted and we are all officially in 2019. We’ve had a busy 2018 at Clocktimizer, launching our first Machine Learning engine. We attended a whole host of events and even taught coding classes at Legal Geek. We welcomed many amazing new clients on board, including Neal Gerber, Pepper… Read More

Clocktimizer features: Grouping different timekeepers for better reporting

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At Clocktimizer we regularly post ‘features blogs’ to help clients get the most out of our platform. This week, we’re looking at the ways Clocktimizer can group different timekeepers. Why is this important? Well, most firms have a lot of different job titles. Forget being a plain old associate. Are you a first year, second… Read More

Clocktimizer’s newest feature is here – Machine Learning!

Over 2 million hours are wasted each year manually assigning task or J-Codes in the UK alone. When billing at an average hourly rate of £300, the British legal industry is losing over £600 million each year. Worse still, the repetitive nature of the task often leads to errors or inaccurately assigned codes. For the… Read More

Test yourself against the Clocktimizer Classification Challenge!

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How accurately can you assign codes to narratives? Test yourself against our Classification Challenge! Better yet, if you find your skills lacking, learn more about how Clocktimizer can automatically assign codes for you!

Why smart collaboration is the easiest way for firms to increase revenue

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While attending this year’s Briefing Transformations conference, we learned something interesting. The importance of data driven collaboration. Now, given our dislike of buzzwords, this seems like it could be an empty concept. After all, what sort of effect can collaboration have on a firm’s annual turnover? We would all agree that collaboration helps reduce staff… Read More

Target innovation with Clocktimizer for efficient & improved adoption

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Innovation. There aren’t many who would argue that innovation, done correctly, is a bad thing. Innovation can improve the way we work. It can reduce costs or environmental impact. However, we in the legal industry often remain skeptical of the word. We’ve all been to far too many innovation awards. We’ve heard that the ‘next… Read More

Law firms: How well do you know your clients?

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How well do you know your clients? Well, if you’re working in big tech, pretty well. Or commerce, for that matter. Even banks have a very accurate picture of their customers. The ability to download your data profile on Facebook has made us painfully aware of how much data we create. The motivation behind all… Read More

Problems not Solutions – Clocktimizer use case infographic

As part of our ‘Problems not Solutions’ campaign we have been examining the problems legal professionals want solving. We put together a handy infographic looking at the problems Clocktimizer was designed to solve. If you want to learn more about Clocktimizer then simply book an online demo or get in touch.