Startups: Is your law firm ready for them?

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the seminar for French and German corporate law, in Aix-en-provence. The subjects of the conference were centered about legal developments, Brexit and how working with startup clients is changing the legal landscape. This seminar had been organised for the 22nd time and as such is one… Read More

Employment week at BPP & why legal tech needs you

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Last Thursday, Dorien and I headed over to London to attend BPP’s employment week. Employment week features a host of advice and tips for law students. There were sessions which helped prep for interviews. They offered the chance to practice your networking skills. However, the best thing (in our opinion) was that they offered students… Read More

The cloud: It’s definitely more than just hype

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A lot of exciting developments are going on right now in (legal) tech: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and of course our favourite: Flying Cars. However, assessing the impact of these technologies can be daunting. Gartner uses the Hype Cycle. When new technologies emerge, expectations tend to increase to unrealistic levels until they hit the ‘Peak of… Read More

The world’s 5 most frivolous lawsuits

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We all know the most famous frivolous lawsuit story. Stella Liebeck sued McDonald’s back in 1992 when she spilled hot coffee on herself. “But coffee is meant to be hot” we all cry. Dig a little deeper into the case however and it starts to look less frivolous. The coffee caused 3rd degree burns for a… Read More

Incremental improvement not radical disruption

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Disruption. According to some, the law is already experiencing it. According to others it is on the horizon. However, we’re not so sure, and for two major reasons. First, is the change currently undergoing the law really a disruption? Secondly, should we even want it to be? We would agree that change, for the right… Read More

Clocktimizer’s innovation buzzword bingo

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Buzzwords. They’re very annoying. Mostly because they are used instead of actually explaining a product. Anyone who has been on Twitter in the last six months has already been drowned in talk of blockchain. Before that AI and robots were all going to take our jobs. The problem is that using these buzzwords is actually… Read More

Our list of the best (and worst) legal tech blogs on offer

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We recently enjoyed a great Twitter conversation with Stephen Allen of Hogan Lovells and Alex Smith of Reed Smith about legal tech. Law firms are fed up with fluffy terms. They want solutions. It’s no good promising to integrate Blockchain or AI if it doesn’t manifestly benefit your customers. The same goes for blogs. Legal… Read More

How Clocktimizer dashboards can customise your data

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We realise that every firm is different. More so, different people value different data. Overall profitability metrics are important for CEOs. Recovery rates appeal to Financial Directors. Budget oversight keeps Legal Project Managers awake at night. It’s why we use Natural Language Processing to mine narratives and make data malleable. However, because everyone is different,… Read More

MELTDOWN and SPECTRE: A primer for lawyers

2018 started with a bang when the Register reported about a design flaw affecting all Intel CPU’s. You might think of The CPU, or Central Processing Unit as the ‘brain’ of the computer. It is a chip executing the millions of executions that make up any program. The design does not just affect Intel CPU’s… Read More

Our pick of the biggest successes (and failures) for legal tech in 2017

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Its been a big year for legal tech. Over the last 12 months a plethora of new solutions have hit the market. We have seen contract analysis tools like Ravn and Kira thrive. Firms have been increasingly successful at storing and analysing their data. A host of new process automation tools have arrived. For those… Read More