Clocktimizer Finalist LegalTech Awards

We are very proud that Clocktimizer has been voted as one of the three finalists of the Dutch Legal Tech Startup Awards, acknowledging Clocktimizer as one of the leading innovative legaltech startups! The finals will take place at PLEIT, the legal technology convention in the Netherlands, to be held on October 6th this year. We… Read More

Measure is Treasure: Time tracking best practices

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We often receive questions about how lawyers should record their time. The narratives of your time tracking records should contain a precise description of the work performed, as if you were face to face explaining to a client what you did. By the way, that is exactly why your clients wants you to keep track… Read More

Lawyers dig language!

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Lawyers love language. They dig it! It is probably why they became lawyers in the first place. So why bother lawyers with long lists of task codes for your project management if you can let them use what they love? This blog is part of a series: Digging for Gold. A series of blogs written… Read More

Clocktimizer shortlisted for Legal Tech Startup Awards

We are very proud that the jury of the Dutch Legal Tech Startup Awards has selected Clocktimizer as one the ten most innovative legaltech startups! We will be pitching at the ING Innovation Center during the Legal Customer Journey in Amsterdam on September 7th. The finals will take place at the PLEIT 2015 event on… Read More

What’s cooking?

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If you are in a restaurant, how much do you want to know about the cooking? Some restaurants show you their kitchen, others keep the kitchen doors shut. It is similar with law firms. If you can’t stand the heat… These days there is a lot of information available on profitability rates, partner involvement and… Read More

Measure is treasure: 3 Time-tracking pitfalls

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We identified time tracking practices that give lawyers, managers and counsel a headache. Luckily, we have some painkillers for you: We will give you tips to avoid these pitfalls. Number 3: Lost time is never found again I often hear lawyers say that they did not record all hours, because they felt that they were spending too much time… Read More

Who wants to pay for monkeys?

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Because of a lack of experience, some work done by young lawyers takes more time than necessary. This results in unneccesary fees. With innovative software it is possible to identify these types of work. Specific training for this work can avoid the unneccesary fees. Often I hear legal counsels say (and hear lawyers complain about… Read More

What if Uber would set lawyers’ hourly rates?

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A client always wants solid legal advice. Often fast, and ideally also for a reasonable price. Obviously, everyone wants to have front row seats for free, but how reasonable is that? It is for a reason that people say “You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” Price, speed, quality In discussions about business model innovation in… Read More

What can lawyers learn from car manufacturers?

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Mass Customization. Nike is doing it with its NIKEiD shoes and Fiat with their Fiat 500: Your own personalized product, even though it just came of the assembly line. That is the basis of mass customization. Technical innovations today, allow us to deliver ‘unique’ products, without having a handmade cost base. Should lawyers be doing this… Read More

5 trends in the Dutch legal market

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There’s a lot of buzz about what’s going on in the legal services industry in the Netherlands. Following the innovations and trends in the legal industry for quite a while, I decided to go ahead and use some tweets from our twitter account (@Clocktimizer) to identify which trends from the US and the UK found… Read More