Be king of your budget!

When it comes to bills, nobody likes surprises. It’s no surprise that a whopping 26% of all disputes between lawyers and clients relate to unclear billing. Consequently, keeping track of a budget and informing clients accordingly should be top priority for any lawyer. But if managing a budget is so important, why is it so… Read More

It’s the engine, stupid!

The Red Bull Formula 1 team has seen considerable success. For four consecutive years they have the team championship. In all these years, their driver Sebastian Vettel won the drivers’ championship. Unfortunately, their 2015 season became a disappointment. Red Bull did not manage to defend their championship trophy and ended the season with a disappointing… Read More

[Version 2] Business Intelligence for every lawyer

When we show Clocktimizer to prospective clients, we end our demonstration with a question: “If you had a crystal ball that could answer you any question about your matters, what would you ask it?” We get many different answers. Some lawyers wonder which people are the most important members of their team. Others would like… Read More

Clocktimizer wins legal tech startup award 2015

We are extremely proud to have been awarded the Legal Tech Startup Award 2015! The vote of the jury and the public acknowledges Clocktimizer as the leading innovative legal tech startup. Jeroen Zweers of the jury explained: “For us, Clocktimizer distinguished itself because it is the first in the legal services industry to use big… Read More

What’s your data worth today?

Starting to build a set of data and finding ways to use and analyse you firm’s financial and legal data is a nobrainer. Now let’s take a closer look at how to create value from the use of that data. I am writing this series of blogs to help pioneering lawyers, analysts and business developers… Read More

Data is money!

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Forget time is money. Today data is money! An increasing number of analysts and business developers are acknowledging that law firms should do something with all the data they possess. However, to convince managing partners and boards, you need good arguments why and how legal big data shut be put to work. I am writing… Read More

Clocktimizer Finalist LegalTech Awards

We are very proud that Clocktimizer has been voted as one of the three finalists of the Dutch Legal Tech Startup Awards, acknowledging Clocktimizer as one of the leading innovative legaltech startups! The finals will take place at PLEIT, the legal technology convention in the Netherlands, to be held on October 6th this year. We… Read More

Measure is Treasure: Time tracking best practices

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We often receive questions about how lawyers should record their time. The narratives of your time tracking records should contain a precise description of the work performed, as if you were face to face explaining to a client what you did. By the way, that is exactly why your clients wants you to keep track… Read More

Lawyers dig language!

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Lawyers love language. They dig it! It is probably why they became lawyers in the first place. So why bother lawyers with long lists of task codes for your project management if you can let them use what they love? This blog is part of a series: Digging for Gold. A series of blogs written… Read More

Clocktimizer shortlisted for Legal Tech Startup Awards

We are very proud that the jury of the Dutch Legal Tech Startup Awards has selected Clocktimizer as one the ten most innovative legaltech startups! We will be pitching at the ING Innovation Center during the Legal Customer Journey in Amsterdam on September 7th. The finals will take place at the PLEIT 2015 event on… Read More