What can lawyers learn from car manufacturers?

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Mass Customization. Nike is doing it with its NIKEiD shoes and Fiat with their Fiat 500: Your own personalized product, even though it just came of the assembly line. That is the basis of mass customization. Technical innovations today, allow us to deliver ‘unique’ products, without having a handmade cost base. Should lawyers be doing this… Read More

5 trends in the Dutch legal market

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There’s a lot of buzz about what’s going on in the legal services industry in the Netherlands. Following the innovations and trends in the legal industry for quite a while, I decided to go ahead and use some tweets from our twitter account (@Clocktimizer) to identify which trends from the US and the UK found… Read More

Hourly billing under pressure

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Last week I was surprised by a column written by Bert Hokken on Dutch legal blog Advocatie. In short, his story boils down to the statement that public opinion on the relevance of alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) is exaggerating quite a bit. However, this conclusion is not based on facts. AFAs are used more and more… Read More