5 simple steps to improve cyber security

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It has not been a great week for DLA Piper. Among many other global companies such as Maersk, BNP and TNT, the firm was hit by a major ransomware attack. The attack arrived only weeks after the ‘WannaCry’ hack which hit global corporations (including the UK NHS) in May. Clearly, this sort of thing is… Read More

What single habit should firms change to meet the challenges of the future?

As many of you may already be aware, we hosted a webinar recently. We assembled a panel of specialists to give lawyers practical tips on meeting the challenges of the future. Next week we will be releasing the full content of the webinar for those unable to attend. However, this week we are sharing some… Read More

Here are 6 of the funniest laws still in existence

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Summer, it seems, is here. Or at least, we in the Netherlands are enjoying an unusually long bout of sunshine. (Our commiserations to those less fortunate weather-wise). As a reflection of this, our blog this week has a lighthearted theme. So, grab a drink, and preferably a place on a terrace somewhere, and enjoy. Here… Read More

So, are you really futureproof?

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Those of you already familiar with Clocktimizer will be aware that we have been running a campaign for the last six weeks. Through it we sought to help lawyers futureproof their firms. We have interviewed innovative firms to find out how they tackle client satisfaction. We have shared infographics on the best technology available for… Read More

What does your futureproof profile say about you?

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As many of you will already be aware, Clocktimizer has been running a campaign for the last few weeks. We have been looking for ways to help law firms become futureproof. Thus far, we have shared infographics, interviews and videos with the practical steps needed to face the coming challenges. However, this week we have… Read More

Press release: Clocktimizer brings together expert panel to answer lawyers’ burning questions

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In light of recent upheavals a webinar seeks to provide practical steps for the legal sector   17th May, 2017 Deutsche Bank’s decision to no longer pay for junior associate work has set a worrying precedent. It is clear that firms who do not willingly innovate or cut costs will be forced to by their… Read More

3 tips to improve client relationships

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Our final installment in this week’s series of blogs will be looking at the practical steps lawyers can take to improve their relationship with their clients. The stakes are high. In The House recently conducted a survey of over 26,000 in-house lawyers. It revealed that 45% of respondents had cut ties with a law firm… Read More

Whitepaper – Case management in Dutch legal services

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Within the world of legal services we are seeing a growing increase in the use of ‘Alternative Fee Arrangements’ (or AFAs). Clients are demanding their lawyers share risk by working on a budgetary or fixed fee basis. Discussions with law firms, however, have indicated that lawyers do not currently have the tools or procedures they… Read More

Is this the legal service model of the future?

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In this week’s series of blogs, we are examining the client/lawyer relationship. Our first blogs looked at the state of the current relationship and the changes it has undergone in recent years. Since the 2008 crisis, law firms have seen counsel increasingly turning in-house in a bid to cut costs. This has led to a… Read More

Clocktimizer & TiQ whitepaper on Dutch case management

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Advocaten lopen veel omzet mis 08 mei 2017 – Nederlandse kantoren zijn nog niet goed voorbereid op de transitie van uurtarieven naar alternatieve prijsstructuren, een trend die in de VS al geruime tijd zichtbaar is. Door inefficiënte processen en het gebrek aan goede tools voor tijdregistratie en budgetmanagement lopen Nederlandse advocatenkantoren veel omzet mis. Dat… Read More