AI hype, legal service delivery & the death of time recording – Our Twitter chat wrap-up

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Recently Clocktimizer launched our machine learning engine, the Data Lab. The Data Lab’s first mission? To automatically assign task or J-Codes to narratives. Because each lawyer spends approximately 20 minutes a week on codes, this could save the legal industry over 43 million hours each year! To coincide with this launch, we decided to host… Read More

An introduction to machine learning – Part 1

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Nearly everyone who keeps up to date with technological developments has heard of the term ‘machine learning’. It’s a nice buzzword that is being used more and more in recent years. But what does machine learning actually entail? What is the technology that lies behind it? To coincide with the launch of Clocktimizer’s machine learning… Read More

Join the Clocktimizer Twitter chat on the 13th November

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Recently, Clocktimizer announced the launch of our machine learning engine. Initially, we will be using the engine to automatically assign task and J-Codes to timecard narratives. Why? Well, the legal industry wastes over 833,000 hours each week assigning codes. At a rate of $200 per hour, that’s $166 million in lost revenue. Clearly, this needs… Read More

Clocktimizer’s newest feature is here – Machine Learning!

Over 2 million hours are wasted each year manually assigning task or J-Codes in the UK alone. When billing at an average hourly rate of £300, the British legal industry is losing over £600 million each year. Worse still, the repetitive nature of the task often leads to errors or inaccurately assigned codes. For the… Read More

Test yourself against the Clocktimizer Classification Challenge!

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How accurately can you assign codes to narratives? Test yourself against our Classification Challenge! Better yet, if you find your skills lacking, learn more about how Clocktimizer can automatically assign codes for you!

Get your free coding recipe book here – Our Legal Geek round up

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On the 17th October Clocktimizer attended our second Legal Geek conference. This year we were excited to offer our first introductory coding class. We also brought along our own photo booth and pitched at the after party. Needless to say it was a busy a day. For those that couldn’t make it over to Legal… Read More

Why smart collaboration is the easiest way for firms to increase revenue

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While attending this year’s Briefing Transformations conference, we learned something interesting. The importance of data driven collaboration. Now, given our dislike of buzzwords, this seems like it could be an empty concept. After all, what sort of effect can collaboration have on a firm’s annual turnover? We would all agree that collaboration helps reduce staff… Read More

Dear UK lawyers – We’ve put J-Codes in a handy Excel spreadsheet

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We know assigning codes is a repetitive task. It’s also a pain trying to copy and paste them from a PDF document. Which is unfortunate if you’re a lawyer in the UK, because they are only published as a PDF. Well, after listening to the woes of our clients, we’ve written them out for you… Read More

Clocktimizer jobs – Service Delivery Manager

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Clocktimizer is looking for a service delivery manager! Would you like to work at one of the fastest growing legal tech companies in The Netherlands? Can you increase our implementation success in close cooperation with leading law firms across the globe? We can offer you an amazing experience and heaps of opportunities to learn and develop…. Read More

Exciting announcements, coding classes & more at Legal Geek

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Described as “the Woodstock of legal tech”, Legal Geek’s annual conference starts in three weeks. Last year’s edition was hugely fun. We met lots of amazing new people, ate far too much lovely food and cheered on our favourite bands after. As a result, we’re very excited that the whole Clocktimizer team will be in… Read More