As part of our series on how to #futureproof your firm, we will be focusing this week on the technology available to General Counsel. On Friday we will be releasing an infographic showing our pick of the best technology to make a lawyers life easier. In the run up to this we’ll be highlighting the eleven companies we have selected in a series of blogs. Today, we will be looking at InterAction and HighQ. Don’t forget to check out part one here, part two here, and part three here.

InterAction – The CRM that builds business

The difficulty in business development is not so much in meeting new people. It is in building relationships. Remembering who you called, what you spoke about and when you said you’d call back. Better still it’s about having insights, news feeds and multiple streams of information to ensure you stay in touch at the best possible times. Or that you maximise on existing relationships where possible. Unless you are a robot, balancing this much information in your head is impossible. Thankfully, LexisNexis have a solution built just for lawyers.

InterAction helps your company automatically maintain accurate, up-to-date contact information. It can then evaluate the engagement strength of relationships, saving valuable time and increasing focus for your firm. From cross-selling additional services to existing clients, to pursuing business from prospects, you’ll know how to optimise your efforts and deploy your marketing and business development resources to gain a competitive advantage.

HighQ – Complete, integrated document management

Beady eyed readers may note some overlap between products like Slack and HighQ.  However, we think that the two seek to fulfill slightly different roles. Lawyers tend to generate huge swathes of information. This can be for clients, but can also be best practices, guidelines or case notes.  This information can often be highly useful to other lawyers in alternative teams but on-premise solutions or existing IT make sharing information tough. Too often we see ‘information silos’ which result in lawyers not sharing their accumulated resources.

HighQ is designed for such a situation. Advanced sharing controls mean confidential information remains confidential. However for in-house teams, with multiple collaborations spanning many different firms, the sharing approach works. External teams can share relevant information. International teams can work together in real time. And all of this is designed to be cloud based with rigorous security measures. It’s probably why its already used by firms like Linklaters, Allen & Overy and Eversheds.


Stay tuned for Friday’s infographic, where we’ve put all of this information in one place.