As part of our series on how to #futureproof your firm, we will be focusing this week on the technology available to General Counsel. On Friday we will be releasing an infographic showing our pick of the best technology to make a lawyers life easier. In the run up to this we’ll be highlighting the eleven companies we have selected in a series of blogs. Today, we will be looking at Kira, Slack and Clocktimizer. Don’t forget to check out part one here, and part two here.

Kira – Never miss a contract detail again

Contract analysis, review and collaboration is often a complex process. Multiple parties all working on the same document can inevitably lead to problems. Worse still, having to find and identify relevant clauses and changes is time consuming work. However, by using Kira’s innovative software, it can be pain free.

Kira makes powerful machine learning artificial intelligence accessible to everyone. Through its intuitive user interface, it allows real-time collaboration and flexible project management. Kira also has special capabilities for Due Diligence. Simply select which provisions you would like to find, such as change of control and assignment, and Kira will highlight them for your review. Users consistently report time savings of 20–40% the first time using the software, and up to 90% or more with experience.

Slack – All of your project communication in one place

Projects require huge amounts of cooperation. This doesn’t only mean the huge pile of emails sitting in your inbox. It means the shared documents, best practices, the online conferences. All of these different streams of information can be tough to keep on top of.  We all remember the pain of trying to work out which is the most up to date version of a contract. Well, Slack is looking to help this by pulling all of your interactions in one place.

Organise your conversations into channels, and make one for each project you are working on. With Slack you can also determine open or private channels. Then get sharing away. You can use Salck to communicate with inbuilt call or message functionality. You can also share documents, and for those companies which use Dropbox or Google Drive, you can also sync these. Better still, all of your notifications are in one place so you aren’t bombarded with emails.

Clocktimizer – Business intelligence tools for lawyers, by lawyers

Having worked as in-house counsel, we remember many of the challenges facing General Counsel. In-house legal teams often have to cover an incredibly broad range of work, either on their own or with help from external firms.  But adding more people to the mix means it’s often difficult to work out who is doing what and for how much. Worse still, tight budgets mean you have to constantly compare prices and outcomes.

Clocktimizer pulls all of your legal billing information into one place.  Track your external legal spend and even compare pricing between your preferred firms to determine what works best for you. With our detailed drill-downs, you get granular insights into the projects each staff member is working on, their progress in terms of budget, and analytics to identify efficiencies or prioritisations. And all this means you can go back to doing your job rather than worrying about the bills.


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s mini blog where we look at solutions for CRMs and document management.