As part of our series on how to #futureproof your firm, we will be focusing this week on the technology available to General Counsel. On Friday we will be releasing an infographic showing our pick of the best technology to make a lawyers life easier. In the run up to this we’ll be highlighting the eleven companies we have selected in a series of blogs. Today, we will be looking at Nasdaq BWise, Privacy Perfect and Exari. Don’t forget to check out our first installment here.

Nasdaq BWise – A holistic approach to GRC

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) are fairly daunting tasks to approach. There is a huge amount to read up on, and even more to be on top of. Not to mention the price of failure is high. Indeed, firms which do not appropriately comply with laws, or manage risks can find themselves at the mercy of the courts. However, rather than struggle through this myriad of regulations alone, Counsel can turn to solutions like Nasdaq BWise.

Nasdaq BWise helps organisations, both big and small, around the globe streamline their GRC and integrated risk management activities. It offers a wide range of leading GRC functional capabilities for risk management, internal audit, internal control, information security and regulatory compliance. They have recently released an update to BWise 5.0 promising ever easier integration with your existing GRC requirements.

Privacy Perfect – Is your organisation managing data appropriately?

Data protection is becoming an increasing buzz word for companies. We are all aware of the secret lives our user data now has. From being sold to third parties for marketing purposes to being snooped through by the NSA. However,  new regulations from the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mean you need to take data protection seriously.

Privacy Perfect, a Rotterdam based tech start up, offers a complete data protection toolkit. It provides a natural flow between the four administrations required by the new Regulation. These include data protection impact assessments, prior consultations, data processing activities (including transfers), and data breaches (including breach notifications to supervisory authorities and data subjects). Thus you can quickly and easily stay compliant with the new regulations.

Exari – Streamlined contract management

Companies are built on contracts, pages upon pages of rights, obligations, restrictions, and deadlines. It can seem difficult to keep track of this in a time efficient manner. Exari, currently a market leader for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), is on hand to help.

Exari gives companies around the world the ability to automatically assemble contracts and then track every contract in their organisation. Furthermore they can analyse those contracts to ensure compliance and enhance revenues. Accordingly, Counsel has unprecedented visibility into their existing contract portfolio. Exari offers a comprehensive understanding of your company’s contractual risk, and the tools to empower users with contract management “best practices.”


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s mini blog where we look at solutions for contract analysis, communications and business intelligence.