When it comes to bills, nobody likes surprises. It’s no surprise that a whopping 26% of all disputes between lawyers and clients relate to unclear billing. Consequently, keeping track of a budget and informing clients accordingly should be top priority for any lawyer. But if managing a budget is so important, why is it so hard?

We’ve been working very hard to incorporate client feedback into our tool. This has resulted in a new version of our award-winning business intelligence software for lawyers. In this series of five blogs, you will read about how the new functionality will help you make better decisions. This blog is the third part of this series.

Managing a budget should be simple
At Clocktimizer, we suspect bad tooling has something to do with it, since budget management is easily our most requested feature. Including this feature in our new release was a no-brainer. Managing a budget with Clocktimizer is simple: With one click, you can add activities to your budget and Clocktimizer automatically keeps track of how you have spent on that type of work and how much budget remains.

Base your budgets on activity or action code
The budget lines are based on activities that are selected by our automatic language algorithm. All you need to do is explain in writing in your time card narrative what you are doing and Clocktimizer will do the rest. If you prefer to use time codes, action codes or workstreams, our budgeting tool can also work with these. We do not believe that manual coding is the best approach, but the choice is yours…