Those of you already familiar with Clocktimizer will be aware that we have been running a campaign for the last six weeks. Through it we sought to help lawyers futureproof their firms. We have interviewed innovative firms to find out how they tackle client satisfaction. We have shared infographics on the best technology available for in-house lawyers. We even built a quiz. Clearly, there is a lot of information to take in. As such, this week’s blog (and the last of the campaign) is a guide to all the content we have shared over the last few weeks.

The Clocktimizer Webinar

This week we wrapped up our campaign with a webinar. We were joined by specialists from Hogan Lovells, DLA Piper, Perkins Coie and CMS Hasche Sigle. Initially, focus was on the last seven years of Altman Weil data. The panel examined the disconnect between lawyers and clients. We also discussed why proactive AFAs are so much more lucrative than reactive AFAs. However, the most engaging information came from the practical advice the specialists offered. When asked what single habit firms could change to meet the challenges of the future, our panelists stated:

Jochen Hörlin, CMS Hasche Sigle
“Think longer term – look beyond end of year profits to five or ten year investments in tech”

Stephen Allen, Hogan Lovells
“Increase transparency with clients to promote trust. Collaboration is how we will face coming challenges”

Keith Maziarek, Perkins Coie
“Learn to incentivise behaviors that align with client demand and efficiency rather than purely turnover”

James Northin, DLA Piper
“Data in big law is miles behind other industries, but its value is potentially huge. Learn how to use data to be successful”

Advice for in-house lawyers

Our campaign was not just targeted towards firms. We also looked at some of the challenges facing General Counsel, and the tools on hand to help. First, we shared an infographic of the technology designed to ease the lives of in-house lawyers. We also shared a four part blog, explaining the technology in detail. You can find part one here, part two here, part three here, and part four here.

We also learned, through our webinar, that it can be difficult to know what innovation you can ask of your legal counsel. Too often, clients are unaware of what possibilities there are, in terms of innovation. We would recommend reading this blog about how to improve client relationships. Or at least share it with your external legal advisers. In it, we offer concrete steps about targeting, assessing and driving innovation in a sustainable manner.

Finally, for the in-house lawyer who is feeling the pressure of budgets, we shared an introductory Clocktimizer video. Whether you want to benchmark your legal clservice providers, or keep track of projects and staff, Clocktimizer can help. Set up a demo here to find out more.

Advice for firms and their lawyers

We realise that legal services are changing, and fast. Obviously it can be difficult for lawyers to keep track of these changes, and harder still to know what to prioritise. First, we looked at the ways Clocktimizer can help. We shared a video looking at how Clocktimizer takes the guess work out of projects. Not only can our tool improve the building of a quote, but it can also identify out of scope work. Which means you can negotiate for it separately instead of writing off your hard work. Set up a demo here to find out more.

For firms looking to increase client happiness, but unsure as to how, we shared a series of blogs looking at innovative service models. Find out here how firm Kneppelhout Korthals has inbuilt client feedback to guide their innovation process. For Dutch readers our whitepaper offers practical advice to improving profits and reducing waste. We also offered three top tips for improving client relations here.

Finally, our campaign also sought to bring a lighthearted look at how to be futureproof. We shared a futureproof quiz, designed to determine your futureproof profile and to put a smile on your face. Read here what your profile says about you, and what you can do to step up your game.