Regular Twitter and Linkedin followers will have seen our recent announcement regarding blockchain budgets. The very eagle eyed readers may also have noticed we weren’t entirely honest. (We hope that their arrival “at the very beginning of April” was enough of a clue)We have to come clean and admit that the ‘Clockchain’ isn’t actually real. However, what you will be glad to hear, is that you can already make the most of budget features in Clocktimizer. All without blockchain.

Budgets, not blockchain

First off, we would like to point out that we’re not anti blockchain. We’re just anti hype. Because blockchain is, simply put, a decentralised ledger, it’s great in situations where you may not trust all parties involved in a transaction. However, we really hope that isn’t the relationship you have with your lawyer or, as a lawyer, with your clients. It’s why we have chosen to in-build budget features which allow budget control to remain with the lawyers. But with easy sharing functionality to offer complete transparency to clients.

So, how do Clocktimizer budgets work? Well, exactly how our April Fool’s explained them, only simpler. First, firms can build a data driven fee quote. Our nearest neighbor algorithms (not a joke!) find similar matters and provide an oversight of costs to allow you to create a data-driven quote based on historic matters. Once you and your client are happy, you can upload this into our budget tracker. Clocktimizer then automatically tracks work done, and logs it. You can see what progress has been made, and how much budget each phase has left, in real time. You can also schedule automatic reports to be sent, so they know exactly how work is progressing. Because we can offer you complete matter oversight, clients avoid unexpected costs and firms avoid last minute write-offs.

Our favourite follower comments

Unsurprisingly, we weren’t able to pull the wool over too many eyes. Our ever sharp social media followers caught us out pretty quickly. If we did manage to successfully convince you with our April Fools, we hope you aren’t too upset. We are more than happy to discuss how you can get the important part (transparency) in place today, without buzz. We really believe that great innovation should use the right tool for the job, rather than try to crack nuts with sledgehammers.

Our first prize for most buzzwords used in a single reply has to go to Arlene McDaid on Linkedin:

“A game changing whiz-bang feature. This gets my vote! You’d be a fool not to sign up immediately. Pieter, Frances, this is breaking new frontiers!”

Congrats Arlene for not only catching us out, but also playing us at our own game! Our runner up prizes go to the ever witty Stephen Allen and Alex Smith. We had a feeling that they would be able to sniff out the April Fools, given their commitment to no-nonsense innovation. We’ll clearly have to try harder next year…!

“Immutable billing and time recording, amazing to see the blockchain reinventing those 6 minute slots. Taken time to find the first use case legal – congrats.” @alexgsmith via Twitter

“I am proud to have had early sight of this concept from Clocktimizer. Thank you for your vision Pieter, Bram and Dorien.” Stephen Allen via Linkedin


If you want to take advantage of our budget features, or want to learn more then get in touch. Either email or tweet @clocktimizer. Also – check out our ‘no bullshit’ quiz to learn more about buzzwords and whether they have been used in the right place.