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The human brain is wired to forget the pain and losses suffered in the past. That makes gut-feeling a bad business advisor. We help our customers to make data driven decisions. That is why we say: Don’t guess.

Clocktimizer won the Legal Tech Startup Award last year, a recognition for its innovative take on time tracking data. Jeroen Zweers, chairman of the Legal Tech Startup Awards jury:

“For us, Clocktimizer distinguished itself because it is the first in the legal services industry to use big data in a smart way that is applicable in a lawyer’s daily practice. The product reacts on the increasing demand for support with the development of alternative pricing models.”

Clocktimizer was recognized by Forbes as a startup that could make it big in legal.

The team

Pieter van der Hoeven

Bram Fokke

Bram Fokke


Dorien Neys

Head of Customer Success

Frances Singleton

Marketing Manger
Jeroen Winkel

Jeroen Winkel


Natalie Petts

Social Media Campaign Manager

Alex Klein


Talented? Join our team!

C# Backend Developer

Talented? Join our team!

Technical roll out manager

Working at Clocktimizer?

Clocktimizer is a fast-growing start-up. We combine data, natural language processing and economics to create awesome user-friendly software that helps making the legal market transparent.

We love to work with people that speak their mind and are super-enthusiastic! We won the Legal Tech Startup Award and we were mentioned as a Forbes disruptor. Care to join the ride?

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