Legal project management and pricing are hard. We make it easy.

Clocktimizer helps law firms understand exactly who does what, when, where and at what cost. Use those insights to price with data-driven confidence, improve internal processes and increase firmwide profitability.

Pricing & Scoping

Whether your firm has a mature pricing strategy or is just beginning to work with alternative fee arrangements, Clocktimizer can help.

Clocktimizer hands pricing professionals the tools to become data-driven sparring partners, able to respond in real-time to any incoming pricing request.

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Matter Management

Legal project management forms the backbone of the modern law firm. When done well, it ensures your ability to deliver work on time, within budget and within scope. Its impact is felt across multiple areas, from profitability to client satisfaction.

Clocktimizer puts all the information you need to manage matters in one place, from budget oversight to out-of-scope work notifications.

Practice Analysis

For many practice group leaders, it can be challenging to quickly have the key performance metrics available. Questions around profitability, type of work performed and hours associated should not be hard to answer.

With Clocktimizer you can get answers to your questions in a few clicks. From understanding what your most profitable practice area is, to identifying how much time is spent on any given work type or activity.

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Hear what our customers say...

...don't just listen to us

”Previously, the only way to dig into a matter was to read through the timecard narratives to understand who did what work, how long it took, and what was actually done. There were no phase and task codes, so I often had to spend two days coding timecard narratives. I was delighted to discover a platform that could do all of this work for me!”
Frenzel Eugenia Director of Pricing at Perkins Coie
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“The Clocktimizer team has been unbelievably thoughtful when it comes to coaching and running training programs that help us understand both aspects of implementing new technology: How to implement the Clocktimizer platform and how to get the most out of it. ”
Bart Gabler CIO & Director of Pricing and Legal Project Management at K&L Gates
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“Beyond the scaling and time-saving Clocktimizer allows us to do, [the Clocktimizer team] really listen[s] to your clients. You continue to enhance your product based on our experiences, and that makes our relationship with Clocktimizer feel much more like a partnership as opposed to a business transaction.”
Levi Remley Director of Pricing Barnes & Thornburg
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“During our trial of Clocktimizer, I invited Partners to individual sessions to demonstrate the platform and what the analysis can show them about their matters. I remember very clearly one of those Partners looking at the data for a few minutes and simply saying “I’m sold, how much does it cost.”
Ebrahim Kaka Pricing Specialist at Webber Wentzel
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We wrote the book on scaling LPM

We have written the book on how to scale your legal project management operation, and it’s available to you for free.

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