Its official. The fog of hangovers have lifted and we are all officially in 2019. We’ve had a busy 2018 at Clocktimizer, launching our first Machine Learning engine. We attended a whole host of events and even taught coding classes at Legal Geek. We welcomed many amazing new clients on board, including Neal Gerber, Pepper Hamilton, K&L Gates and Jackson Lewis. It looks like 2019 is shaping up to be equally as packed. In advance of this we want to let you all know what we’ll be up to for the coming year. From events, to products to partnerships.

Testing in the Data Lab

As we mentioned, 2018 was the year Clocktimizer launched our Machine Learning engine. The Data Lab provides a space for law firms to work out and test how Machine Learning can enrich their data. The first challenge we looked at? Automatically assigning phase and task codes. We’ve been lucky to bring on board two leading law firms to begin the Data Labs testing process. Throughout the first half of 2019 we’ll be working closely with them on two different use cases. Expect to see results (and to start working with the Data Labs yourself) in the latter half of 2019!

Clocktimizer is on tour again

We’ve already got a busy schedule of events lined up for 2019. Excitingly, we’ll even be sponsoring a few this year. P3 and 5P, in Chicago and London respectively, will both be sponsored by Clocktimizer. So if you are a pricing, process or project management specialist, we look forward to seeing you there. In fact, if you would like to set up a meeting with us in advance of these events, then get in touch with our team directly (

We’re making friends

Well that was pretty obvious. We pride ourselves on being an incredibly friendly bunch. However, in 2019 we’ll be announcing some official partnerships. As many of you may already know, we have an existing HighQ integration. However, we’ll also be joining forces with LawVision to host a Twitter chat in February. We’re looking forward to the debate this will inevitably generate. For those looking to read more of our excellent content, 2019 sees us become an official LSN Network Partner. More details will be released in our upcoming blogs so keep an eye on our website or follow our Linkedin page.

Lets get integrated

Alongside work on our Data Labs, we’re also looking at how Clocktimizer can integrate with existing technology. We believe that a good solution should blend seamlessly with your existing system. Which means we will be looking at ways in which our data can be integrated. If you have an idea for how you would like to see Clocktimizer’s data incorporated into your platform, then get in touch to discuss this with our team.